Saturday, June 25, 2011

i tried to go home today.

but after sitting on the runway for a good two hours, our plane was delayed until tomorrow morning and i am back in osnabruck for one more night.
really only like six hours, but that's neither here nor there.
i'll go into detail about leaving another time, but for now, here are some photos from my going away party.
yummy food and jello shots.

received an inappropriate, yet awesome soccer football jersey from my lovely friends.

 yep, i only have guy friends.
i'm that girl.

it was one of the best nights, ever. really.
like, if you could plan a party with all of your favorite people present, this would have been that party.
the jello shots were a hit with the germans, and the best part was continuing the fiesta at my favorite club until the wee hours of the parents included.

and yeah, i used the same two pictures twice...who does that?! jeez!
love them. fo' reals.
until the good old u.s. of a,
xo, hay.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

packing update.

yeah i'm about 1/8 of the way packed.
oh, and i'm leaving saturday.
i need to get on it but every time i start packing, i start crying.
someone tell me this is normal.
i would love to edit photos and tell you how wonderful my goodbye party + after party was.
or how yesterday was awesome in heidelberg with my brother, best childhood friend, and favorite german friend.
but...duty calls.
i'll get through it.
hopefully zee blog can keep me company in the airport or i can blog from the air.
how cool would that be?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

yo pops!

dear padre,
today is the official day to celebrate you, which is cool, yet sorta lame in the sense that you don't need one day. because you are rad, and i love you. so i think i can celebrate you whenever i very well please to. but officially, today, you have celebrated 21 dias de los padres. maybe 22 if you count when i was just a wee fetus, but who knows. anyway, i would like to take this time out to be perfectly honest 'cuz there's a lot shi...just kidding, i wont rap an eminem song for you. however fitting it is, with the title "hailie's song"...okay getting off the freeway there. 

dad, you are such an amazing person and i feel like in the past i haven't shown that to you often, or even told you. but i really think you are. you are the greatest father anyone could ask for. you have a way of teaching us kids about life that is different from anyone else. supporting us to grow and foster our passions, yet staying close enough to us in case we fall and need help, which we usually do. i feel incredibly blessed to have you as a father. all of my fondest memories of growing up have been either at the las trampas swimming pool, or on vacation somewhere as a family. yosemite, bollibaka, hawaii, mendocino, tennesse, oklahoma, tahoe, san diego...any kid would be lucky enough to call you dad. 

you have instilled a sense of creativity, travel, independence, maturity, and humor in your kids, especially me (i like to hope) and i thank you for that. 

so "daddy-boy", 
love, hay bay

one of my most favorite pictures ever:

and of course, a happy father's day shout out to my wonderful step father, TAP!
like i've said before
i have amazing step parents. 
Tap, you have been there as a dad for us for quite a while now...and i'm so glad you've stuck around with us crazies! i know we can be trying at times, a little chaotic and weird, but you know your life is more full because of it...and ours because of you :) 
happy father's day!
love, hailstorm

and well, no holiday would be complete on without a batch of hysterical father's day cards.
[all available at]

 haha, so true!

and this one made me seriously laugh out loud because yes, i have been there :)

happy father's day to all of the dad's out there :)
xo, hay

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i'm not here.

i'm guest posting over here today.
it's a funny story but a fair warning to family, and anyone offended by scandalous things.
it talks about drinking, a lot, and there is some foul language.
but it is funny :]

Friday, June 17, 2011

be still.


fill in the blank friday.

it's friday, and i'm linking up again with lauren at the little things we do for the second week in a row.

1. The last movie I saw was: Thor, in English. I saw it in German at the theater a few weeks ago, but only understood about half. Chris Hemsworth...damn.

2. I want to: hire someone to come clean and pack my life for me because I can't seem to do it. It makes leaving Germany that much more real and I can't handle it :(

3. Surprises are: awkward. For me at least. I don't like getting surprised and when I do, I'm super awkward. I think the only surprises I like involve people bringing me 'my' exact coffee or sandwich without me asking. My love language may be food, but the verdict is still out on that one.

4. The best accessory is: confidence. I know that sounds generic and cheesy but when I feel good I love wearing hats, sunglasses, earring...I have a ton of earrings. But I also love having my nails painted. Solid or crazy patterned, doesn't matter, I instantly feel better.

5. My favorite warm drink is: coffee. But I do prefer it to be iced. I'm going to try and find Gl├╝hwein in the states and make that a "thing" during the holidays. It is joyous.

6. My favorite cold drink is: water, cranberry juice, or Arizona Iced tea. 

7. Currently loving: all of my new apps for my iphone. I went on a bit of a downloading spree last week and got things like Camera+, ESPN Score Center, NPR Music, Wall Street Journal, Discovery Chanel, Google Translate, Maplets, and some new Geography games. I am a nerd. Straight up.


and well, he's just a cutie pie!

happy weekending, homies.
tonight is my farewell party...i can't even believe it :(
ciao, hay

Thursday, June 16, 2011

worpswede, germany: part two

i give to you the last batch of worspede photos.

these particular photos are some of my favorite ever.
the lighting was gorgeous and i was aching for a DSLR...soon, soon.
but regardless of what camera i was using, i still had some beautiful shots.

how wonderful of a wedding could you have here?

obligatory tree shot for opa gunther.
the tree was awesome, and so big.
had to get a running start to jump up, which i'm sure looked crazy for all the other peeps in the audience.


i would kill to have some colorful chairs like that. and i love the buddha street art. love it.

 we then headed back...exhausted.
'twas a glorious day.

in other news:
i leave germany in 9 days.
i can't even believe it, but on the other hand, the realization is definitely hitting me.
between going through my entire wardrobe, closet, book shelf, and drawers and trying to motivate myself to pack it all away, the realization has hit. so, with that being said, i may be a bit m.i.a for a few days, but maybe never know.
also, i'm giving this here blog a complete make over so some of it may be under construction...but i hope to be all organized soon! 
thanks for sticking by, loves.
xo, hay

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

houses of worpswede

i would love the pink one please.
second row, second one over, my favorite. hao.ciao.bonjour.g'day.

i can say hi seven different ways off of the top of my head. 
what can you do toady, huh?
so today i was going through my google reader and loved the idea behind megan's post about having a meet and greet. well, i have gained some new followers on this little blog here and have loved getting to know people on the internet. in a totally non creepy way, mind you.
the link up is over here and the idea behind it is to give new readers an idea of who you are and why you are on the internet. a.k.a how did the blog blossom?

so this is me:
well, me at twelve. but i like this picture because i was so cute, tan, and blonde.
so not the case anymore.

this is me now:

but i'm usually acting my age and look more like this on a daily basis:

i'm about to turn twenty-two.
don't worry about it.

anyway, hello readers.
i started this blog right before i left home for a year abroad in germany.
that year is coming to a close in ten short days.
i'm simultaneously stressing about packing (a.k.a not packing), excited to see my family and besties, depressed about leaving my german family and besties, but mostly shoving my face with german chocolate, cheese, and beer before i wont be able to have it as frequently.

when i get home, this blog will keep on keeping on.
following my adventures around the west coast + if i'm lucky the rest of the u.s. 
also following my passions for art and photography.
i like lots of things in life. like good food + beer, flea markets, maps, crafts, architecture, music, and roadtrips.
you will definitely find a lot of that here.

i try to keep these posts light hearted and funny, because that's just how i roll.

in the next coming weeks i'll be vamping this space up a bit with a new about me, weekly features, and all things related to art + travelling.

until then, grab a coffee, look around if you please, and get to know me.
if you are new here and want to be friends, let me know, and i will creep your blog.
and i mean creep in the best way possible.
it's a term of endearment for me.

besos, hay.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

worpswede, germany: part one

last saturday, dani, wolfgang, cajus, oma + opa, and myself took a day trip to worpswede.
a small artists colony north of bremen.
we left the house a little before nine by bike and jumped on a train, with the said bikes.
we arrived in a small village, not worpswede, and cycled to our destination.

the day started out pretty chilly and overcast, we were worried about rain. but if you know me, you know i firmly believe in frolicking in the water, so i was cool with it.

when we finally arrived, we were greeted by a little bit of sun, bunting hanging from the trees, and pretty art and architecture.

we started at the mini farmer's market and art show.
[kunst schau in deutsch] 
i love the art display on hemp, held together with clothespins and branches.

we ventured through the woods to a gallery.
i'm so afraid to take photographs inside art galleries-totally wimpy, i know-i'll get better at it...but i don't have any from the exhibit, which was very cool.
anyway, i took some fun photos outside.
such an adorable family.

 the courtyard in front of the gallery housed these life size ceramic statues that were fun to play and pose with.
cajus loved it:
 haha. i laugh at myself all the time. that's okay, right?

the exterior area of the gallery:

some random shots:
gotta love the barney stinson graffiti. 

the scenery was truly lovely, this was towards the end of our day, which i'll post tomorrow, but i had to post these gorgeous sky and landscape photos:

it's when you're sitting on the train exhausted on your way home, when you look up from the ipod and see things like this, that you know that life is sweet. and if you look up at the right moment, everything is okay and how it should be.

gute nacht, lovelies.
wherever you are on this pretty planet.
xo, hay