Monday, February 28, 2011

i fail at poetry.

i have neglected editing through photos from the weekend.
however, maybe i can get caught up with this whole 
"thirty days of blogging thing"
except, no, i can't.
the next challenge is telling me to write a poem to someone i love.
well i love lots of people, and i could write entire essays about the affection i have towards them.
but a poem?
i can't. 
i love reading poetry, i think it is beautiful, but my creative mind stops shorty before having to produce, and share and original work of poetry.
{have i said poem/poetry/poems enough?}
there, now i have.
so instead, i'll share my most favorite love poem ever, in honor of the last day of february.

love sonnet 18
william shakespeare
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

que bonita.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

out and about...

this was friday morning.
i like skies, i do.
 after i dropped the boy off at school, i headed downtown for some art supplies.
[more on that, later...]
i was in a super artsy mood and was loving the graffiti down town.
 i was also loving starbucks.
but i only have it on rare occasions.
a lot better than my previous one a day addiction back home.
keep in mind that it's freezing here, but i still love my coffee cold.
when the barista asked where i was from (apparently my accent was detecable through my half ass deutsch...)
i told her, california.
she then said, oh so you always are used to iced drinks. must be nice.
i said, yes, yes it was.
 i'm a sucker for skies.
bright, colorful, dream like skies.
mi favorito.
guten nacht, liebe.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

cutie alert...

cuteness overload, no doubt.
day 11: bucket list
man oh, man. 
there's quite a few things i'd like to do in my lifetime.
and i know i've probably written it down somewhere since i write down everything.
but don't quote me on that.
here's a few off the top of my head:
+take a hot air balloon ride+
+teach high school+
+swoon over live spanish guitar+
+run a successful art & craft-like business+
+learn to knit, and play the guitar+
+buy a mid-century home in need of tlc & spruce the hell out of it+
+photograph coney island+
+get published, in print or online+
+write someone a letter, everyday, for one year+
+become more confident in the kitchen+
and saving the best for last...
+visit every olympic stadium in the whole entire, super, duper big world+

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

scholarly tot....

it's fricken cold.
like, the kind of cold where the wind chill is so fierce that you kind of want to stop moving and just cry.
but if someone really did that, their tears might freeze, just saying.
no, but really. the sun has been shining, but it is icy cold out there.
the kind that gives you headaches.
needless to say, we have been taking the bus to kindergarten, not walking.

we came home, into the warmth and got right to painting. his idea.
perfect idea.
his concentration is so great, i love seeing this look on his face.
here he is working on his gun painting.
all boy, all boy.

does anyone else drool over brand new art supplies?
or is that just me?

handsome little man.
while i cleaned up the art mess, this little one went to play in his room.
when it was way to quiet, i went to see what was up...

me: "was machst du?"
what are you doing?
him: "ich mache hausaufgaben in meinem büro."
i'm doing homework in my office.
me: "super! kann ich kommen?"
nice! can i come?
him: "Ja, bitte. aber das ist MEIN büro!"
yes, please. but this is MY office!

 first it was just the learn to read book...

but then there were more.
please take note to the laptops.
not one, but two.
plus his cassette player, and cassette collection.
 there was a mini break for animal fights.
i was left to do things like this:
[the second one is for kendall...i'm not a weirdo, but together, we are weird]

day ten:
songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
this is hard because i like a ton of music.
emphasis on the ton.

but some of my go to playlists for happy music include:
matt & kim
edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
the temper trap
the darkness
the beatles
she & him

i don't listen to music when i'm sad.
it usually makes it worse.
but listening to ingrid michaelson's cd-be okay will make you sad.
i think it was written after a break up.
same with mumford & sons
as well as florence and the machine.
i love all of it, but it will bring up some memories of break ups.

bored music.
mellow mix
that would include:
grizzly bear
fleet foxes
band of horses
sufjan stevens
death cab for cutie
johns mayer
the shins
the xx

music for when i'm hyped.
hmmm maybe a little bit of:
neon trees
the killers
30 seconds to mars
red hot chili peppers
my chemical romance (new cd is!)
and of course the ever so hip katy perry, cee lo green, and bruno mars :)

and when i'm angry, i listen to classical music, spanish guitar, or movie scores.
it seriously helps.
if you're angry, do it.
peace out, loves.
as i write this i'm nursing a sore throat and fever that showed up out of nowhere like they own the joint, so i'll be asleep in
guten nacht.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

cold walks equal nice pics...

 our saturday was a cold one. but we sent out for a walk, regardless of the below zero wind chill.
we trekked up hill in the dirt, and mud in some parts, but it was all worth it.
the views of the town from the top of the hill were dreamy.
 we passed the horses, as usual.
but this time they came prancing right over to us.
i do not like horses. they scare me.
so i got close for one shot, but when one of them flinched, i shot backwards.
embarrassing, to say the least.

i spy with my little eye...a wine bottle on a twig?

and i like playing around with photos, obviously.
this one is no exception.

day nine/thirty
something you are proud of recently.
lately i have been proud of my photography.
[don't burst my bubble if you're not a fan!]
as well as my excitement to finish school.
i've already set up what classes to enroll into when i am back at it next fall, and i am so excited.
nerdy, yes. but, that's me.
happy week, loves!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

revisiting goals...

day 8- short term goals for this month and why.

back in january, i made this picture, and listed my new years resolutions.
my short term goals for this month are to work on these resolutions.
so..let's see.
what have i been working on?

1. write more often: nope. i mean, sure i write little things, and i have been trying to write more in blog posts, but in my journal, no, i haven't been writing as much as i could be.
2. see more of the world. well, yes. i have been going to some new places, but no major trips. however, there are lots of plans and ideas in my head :)
3. fall in love with something new. i would have to say...yes, this has been working out. i'm really falling in love with home renovation, watching shows on hulu, and scouring design blogs. it is definitely something i want to do as a homeowner one day. i am also loving photography.
4. decide what to study and where to study. hmmm, half way there. i will study at portland state university, but i don't know what to study! let's take it to a poll, shall we? ok, english, anthropology, or art history. i will be a teacher with any of these. so...thoughts?
5. paint. nope, haven't been painting.
6. move out of mom and dad's after germany. well, i'm still here, in germany. check back next year.
7. read more. yep. LOVE reading. i read everyday. and i have a huge wishlist of things to read in the near future.
8. learn to knit. nope, haven't done that.
9. simplify my life. ummmm, kind of? i have been cleaning and going through my stuff a lot lately. so i think that's good.
10. talk to friends more often. yes, of course. i takl to my friends all the time.
11. shoot more photos. yes, yes, and yes. got the whole photo blog challenge going on.
12. grow and appreciate. who i have become, and where i am going. i think that one is still under way.

i think that another short term goal i have is to travel some more here in europe.
i'm thinking spain, and other cities in deutschland.
like cologne, and hamburg.
i'll keep you posted!
p.s. this post was written really quickly and i didn't check it very well, so if there are typos,
 i apologize.
and i will leave you with this:

i think it is pretty neat.
do you think it's appropriate to hang up in my future classroom?
i mean they will be in high school.
but, you're right...probably a no go.
still like it.
makes me want to work hard to become a teacher.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

pretty german skies...

today was just like any other day. 

this is the house across the street.
i love it, i think it is so cool, and i love the retro '76'.

 another house that i love.
the red brick is amazing.
i have a thing for houses & design.

yes, that is a three year old riding a bike without training wheels.
see, in every country but the grand old US of A, kids learn on balance bikes.
then jump to pedals after their body is familiarized with balancing on said bike.
smart thinking.

shots of a descending sun. the first was taken around 4:20.
the last, around 5:00.
pretty sky.
good night, loves.
i saw this on post secret.
and it made me happy.

the one and only sappy post...

day seven:
a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you
obviously, my family has had a big impact on me.
but, aside from the given, i would have to say my besties.
obviously megs and kendall, whom i don't have good pictures with.
i dream of a day when i can get a picture with all of them in it.
however, that will probably be on my wedding day...
courtney-i'm sorry that everyone hates me, but i can't help it that i'm so popular.
no but really chica, i'm sorry i didn't befriend you in 5th grade during basketball season because our friendship could have flourished MUCH sooner. i'd also like to apologize on my fathers behalf for poisoning your innocent ears during said basketball season. i blame him partially for the hayley johns intimidation you obviously suffered from. we made up for lost time sophomore and junior year and i'm so proud to call you my best friend. you are one amazing girl and i never have a dull moment with you i plan on keeping you around. me love you long time.

sierra-girlfrannn, i don't even know where to begin. pretty sure these past years of our friendship have been the best ever. we could probably write an extremely embarrassing book of stories together, but i wouldn't want that out in the open. from visiting court in chico, baseball parties (ugh!), embarrassing "credit card declined" moments, passion parties, all the way to moments in the antelope winco (shudder/laugh hysterically), i know you'll always have my back. i miss our coffee/lunch/dinner/shopping dates mucho and can't wait to have them again come this june! i'm am so glad we are friends, because with out you, i would have to drool over the target baby clothes all by myself.

meghan-first of all, i love you. you are the best co-teacher turned friend, turned best friend, ever. you taught me so much about being a teacher, and now you are a super mama and make me want some little babies for kenna to play with. but that can wait. i miss working with you and hanging out with our main girls all day long, trying to hit on our trainer at aerobics...he looked like taye diggs, i couldn't help myself...i also miss you're house i don't. i but i do miss you, and i miss ryan and mikenna too. you have the cutest family ever, and i can talk to you about anything, anytime. thanks for being the big sister i never had. you really do rock!

kendall-i'm so glad i decided to take an art class 2 summers ago with jaaaaaaaaames. no homo, but when i saw you, i knew we would be instant friends. no one else likes randomly driving to sacramento with me on a hunt for art supplies, no one else likes nerd subjects as much as we do, no one else wants to move to the PNW with me as much as you do, and no one else has as strong a hatred for incorrect grammer, than myself, besides you. that is why we are friends. among many other reasons. i love being your mentor, and our daily skype chat conversations about extremely inappropriate subjects. if anything were to happen to me, i would trust that you would rush to my house and delete all my computer history. that, or just hide the computer forever. i'm so excited that when i end up in portland, you will be in seattle. also, for our upcoming travels in may! you are like the little sister i never had, and i love it.
dang, that was super sappy.
ladies, don't expect things like that ever again.
but seriously, sorry for the emotional post.
i just love my main girls and would not be the person i am today if it wasn't for them.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Right now...

you're probably sleeping. we're going to kindergarten. and trying out this whole mobile blogging situation :]

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happy valentines day, love bugs!
yes, this will be a post full of love.
because, yes, i let the holiday freak flag fly.
and i like holidays, especially valentines day.
and i'm single, so it's not like i'm one of those people.
the cutesy, couple-y type.

last night i prepared for february 14th with 
cotton candy + miami
no, no. these are not the names of finalists on I Love New York II.
but rather, two of my nail polishes.
{and for the record, no i am not married, my ring doesn't fit on any other fingers, god don't judge me!}

this morning i made cupcakes.
rose + lavender 
although, the pictures may say otherwise.

yes, i did indeed dress for the occasion.
pink & grey sweater over a purple top.
black socks with red, white, & pink hearts.
topped off with red & pink slipper socks.
also, not pictured: pink cupcake earrings.

homemade frosting.
i don't do recipes, but this was some milk, flour, and powdered sugar.
and it was tasty.

we had coffee & cake downstairs with oma + opa.
valentines edition.
dani helped me decorated the cupcakes.
i love her sprinkle ones.
i did the hearts.
 i heart cupcakes.

i sent some lovely e-valentines this morning to some select loved ones via this hilarious company.
here some others i enjoyed:

honestly, i won't believe you if you say that you didn't chuckle.
i made a valentines day mix.
which i will be mailing all the way across the ocean for my grandmother.
she loves my music.
on this c.d you can find:
1. I Believe In a Thing Called Love-The Darkness
2. Brighter Than Sunshine-Aqualung
3. Lay Your Head Down-Keren Ann
4. Soul Meets Body-Death Cab for Cutie
5. Home- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
6. New Slang- The Shins
7. Into the Dark-Ben Lee
8. Sky-Joshua Radin feat. Ingrid Michaelson
9. Love-Matt White
10. The Only Exception-Paramore
11. As Lovers Go-Dashboard Confessional
12. The Dress Looks Nice on You-Sufjan Stevens 
13. She's Got You High-Mumm-Ra
14. Either Way-Generationals
15. To Love Somebody-Damien Rice
16. Blood Bank-Bon Iver
17. Love Lost-The Temper Trap
18. Out of the Dark-Matt Hires
19. Heart Skipped a Beat-The XX
20. Yours-Fay Wolf
just some lovelies off of the long list of love songs i have collected over the years.
and if you know me well, you'd have known to expect a clip from one of the best t.v couples of all time
[sorry, a bit blurry...]

i get way to invested with fictional characters.
best part of my day?
coming home to this waiting outside my bedroom door:

love them.
and don't forget this today.
whether you're celebrating romantic love, familial love, friendly love, or all of the above...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

a peek...

if you were to come over here and take a little peek in the window you may see a boy wearing a newspaper hat playing with his ambulance.
[krankenwagen in deutsch]
you may also see some pretty tulips soaking up that bright sun coming through the windows. the natural light upstairs is fantastic for pictures.
if you peeked in a few minutes later you would see that the ambulance and driver had been forgotten. he told me the woman had died. sadness.
but it was okay, because we did puzzles instead. and puzzles are cajus' favorite things in the whole wide world right now.
if you were here peeking right now i wouldn't have to tell you that i woke up to full on snow this morning. you would be standing in it, probably cold, but not too bad because it is 1*C here right now.
the streets, gardens, rooftops, and plants were covered this morning with fresh white snow. which probably wont stay too long, since it wasn't even in the forecast never know.
then if you were to peek into my window downstairs, you may see me cleaning my room. it's totally clean now and all that is left is reorganizing my wardrobe, and sending clothes home to mama in the near future, yay! you would also see my massive addiction to nail polish. i really have every color, so if anyone needs some...let me know. i could totally open my own nail salon...except not, since that would gross me out.

 schnee, schnee, schnee. 
so lovely.

straight up.
more pretty tulips.
day six of thirty:
favorite superhero & why.
batman. he's the dark knight, duh.
what is cooler than that?