Monday, August 27, 2012

twenty three

today is my twenty third birthday.
twenty three.
a very good number indeed; i'm excited for what this next year has to offer. 

cheers to the years, man.
i've decided to start a new birthday tradition. 
a yearly questionnaire to look back on and laugh, and remember.
and it's not just for me, no. everyone i know is going to do one.
well, everyone that will humor me when i ask. 
without further ado...

hayley elizabeth



preschool teacher

but my dream job is:
something artsy, like teaching middle and high school art or managing my own art studio and work space

i live in: 
northern california

t.v show i will never get tired of:
law and order: svu

movies i will never get tired of:
the royal tenenbaum's, when harry met sally, & love, actually

a song that i will always love:
mr. brightside

some of my favorite musicians or bands:
mumford & sons, the killers, the temper trap, b.O.b, jay-z, fleetwood mac, flo rida (yes.), ingrid michaelson, the xx, edward sharpe, lots of talented people.

what is something new you'd like to try before your next birthday:
a new form of exercise. like yoga, or spinning.

a new place you'd like to visit before your next birthday:
i'd like to visit a new state this next year. since i'm planning on living in europe again, i'm holding off on that. but i've come to the conclusion that i haven't seen nearly enough of my  own country.

how are you celebrating your birthday this year:
i had eye doctor and dentist appointments this morning, i got my nails done, and tonight i have german class. exciting stuff. but after class i'll be doing cake and presents with mom, tap, and tucker. tomorrow i'll have dinner with dad, kate, tucker, and jackson; alex is already back in reno. and then hopefully celebrating with friends this weekend.

how would you like to celebrate your next birthday:
with family on my real birthday, of course, and then with good friends. i think that's how it will always be :)

so, here's to another wonderful, precious, adventurous, blessed year of life!