Sunday, April 29, 2012

happy birthday, dad

tonight we celebrated the very best man i know, my dad.

cheers to being the best dad I could ever ask for. i love you.

love, hayles

Saturday, April 28, 2012

one night in reno

last week it came to my attention that one of my blogging besties, kristine, would be in reno.
reno, nevada. as in, two measly hours away from my home.
obviously, i had to arrange a blate to see if she was as cool in real life as she was on the internet.
[don't worry, she was. we hit it off instantly]

driving up highway 80 through tahoe

so, last weekend, my brother and i drove up with my work friend, kristina, who was in dire need of a girls trip. we dropped him off at his friends house and ventured into town, ready to play.

i tried to hit a hole-in-one into that tiny island to win a trip to hawaii. but i didn't. even though i was on the golf team senior year. whatever.

 it was hot. 

i've only ever been to reno for some tasty rib cook offs, so i really had no idea what to expect.
but i was excited to dress up for once in my life [i teach preschool, remember], drink some delicious cocktails, and gamble...for the first time ever. since i'll be twenty three this summer. so i could have been gambling for the last four years...anyway, the outfit:
 top: from forever ago, from who knows where, but i love it. it zips up in the back, 'nuff said.
pants: peacock skinnies from KUT
platfrom wedges: target. my new favorite things ever. and yes, i'm six feet tall whilst wearing them and i can rock it.

kristine getting crazy on the bull after dinner.

a cocktail blate!

as for the gambling...i came out up one. i put down twenty on a black jack table and came out with thirty. i think that's pretty damn good for a first timer. after the casino, which gives you free booze if you're sitting down playing a game? what?, we meandered on down to a bar/club and drank/danced some more. kristine then spotted a bachelorette party and promptly ordered the bride to be a "blow job" shot, where we then begged for one of the many security guards to bring it out to her. between his legs. he did. his name was jonas...thank you, jonas. 

side note: [i had no idea what this shot entailed. sheltered child, apparently]

anyway, what i'm getting across is that, the blate rocked, we clicked instantly, and now kristine is promptly making plans to visit me when i live a lavish life in europe. right?
 or maybe before that, that's fine too.

hungover and ready for the drive home.

the only downside of the excursion:
my piece of shit glasses broke.
thanks a lot, target.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

snapshots of easter


 golden boy.


winner, winner chicken dinner.

a family affair at the golf course took place the week before easter.
because the real easter, as you know, was spent unpacking from a move, and heading over to my dad's empty house to bum some internet. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

three hundred and sixty six days ago...

i was wrapping up my solo easter trip in scotland.

today, i'm wrapping up the exhausting task of moving.

glorious comparison, is it not?