Monday, January 31, 2011


today was a good day.
we had took a morning train to bremen, up near the north sea. 
as soon as we arrived, we stopped for lunch. 
the boys and i had GIANT cheeseburgers. seriously.
as big as cajus' head, and he ate 3/4.
i should have taken a picture, but we were so starved, that we jumped in.
afterwards we walked around and explored the city.
it lies on a river, which was beautiful.
there is a famous 'artsy' street.
and even though it was muggy and overcast,
it turned out to be a really gorgeous city.
 babushkas, babushkas, everywhere!

the old world architecture was fantastic.
i love some old city charm.
 love this cute family.
the entrance to 'kunst schau' or 'art show'.
 yours truly + the boys in front of the famous 'bremen musicians' statue.

 cute boy.

 easy peasy lemon squeezy
the boys all sucking on limes, with their cute silly faces.
which one is the mannequin?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

cabin fever..

 this has been my view for the last 48 hours, give or take.

whatever sickness i had last week/2 weeks ago

...i can't remember when that happened...
completely shot my immune system and i am now the lucky recipient of the 
cold from hell.
it is pure torture.
endless exhaustion, migraines, nose blowing + coughing
sounds super fun, huh.
so basically all i can do is sleep.
my diet has consisted of nothing but water, ibuprofen, and decongestants
but today we had a break through!
i had coffee and an egg.
woot woot. 

 totally have cabin fever.
since being incubated in my room, i could be doing productive things like cleaning, journaling, writing letters and/or postcards, reading, organizing my life...
however i have discovered things about my hair. 
like the random lock of pure wavy craziness hangin' out in the back.
or the little platinum bang streak i've got workin' in the front.
on a positive note: those of you who knew me way back when in 2007, may notice my natural color is in fact, on its way back.
thank the freakin lord.
on the brightside:
on monday i took part in an english reading competion at daniela's school.
i was on the panel of judges with 4 other people.
it was a lot of fun to help come up with the stories and listen to the kids read.
they were all in grade 8, which is crazy because i couldn't read a short story in spanish until junior year.
[way to go american education...]
here i am with the other judges, Caro, Kiehlor, Hendrik, & Alex
all of the contestants.

happy thursday!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

holy moly me-oh-my, you're the apple of my eye...

has anyone heard this song yet?
it may just be one of the best songs ever written.
i listen to it on repeat daily.
it's so frickin happy.
it's pure feel good music; the best music out there.
what are some of your feel good songs?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

playing hooky...

this morning started out as a sick day, for both of us, but mostly this little dude.
exhibit a:

after some breakfast we cuddled up to watch one of my favorite movies, willy wonka & the chocolate factory. the whole time cajus kept saying, "dart wader?"
to which i kept saying, "no, that's star wars."
literally went on for the entire movie, i don't think he got it.
b.t.dub-the darth vader question is coming from the newest obsession of carrying around a catalog of halloween/carnival costumes...which features "dart wader"

when we finished that, we set out to build a lego house, which quickly turned into a lego palace.

oh, hello there.
this thing was pretty massive, especially for the playmobil people who were occupying the mansion. they were photo shy, unfortunately.

to add to our exciting day, the post man came!
we love when the post man comes because it almost always mean happy mail :)
and happy mail it was!
nanny sent me some flannel pj's, candy, cezanne postcards & a renoir puzzle
[she knows me well]
plus some see's candy for oma and opa, dani and wolfgang too.
some toy cars for the boys.

cajus was stoked on his american school bus.

we tried it out with a lego tunnel.
the last face is classic.
new fave photo for the week.

finished it off with some lunch.
we are definitely feeling better, but will stay home tomorrow too.
happy thursday :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


is my most favorite thing ever.
and i stopped doing it for a while.
but, i've been doodling a lot lately,
and painting,
all of that jazz.
with cajus.
which is awesome, because not only do i love art, but i love kids that love art.
so that's our afternoons while it's raining.
i am so lucky to be in europe right now.
germany has awesome art & architecture.
amsterdam: amazing art.
while there i saw the van gogh museum & rijksmuseum,
with mama.

in may, kendall is coming and we are going to paris.
which i absolutely hated in 2007.
except for the louvre, of course.
so this time, we'll go art crazy.
ooooh, can't wait.
also, little bro tucker will be on the eurotrip in june.
and we'll meet up in another city to explore the art and architecture.
and italy, oh italy.
florence, pisa, siena.
i never thought i would be there,
all of those places within the same week.
needless to say it was amazing.
so with that being said.
i'm back in the game.
i love art. i love pens. i love coloring. i love color. i love paint.i love art.
and i'm excited to do it more often,
and i'm excited to add more art nerd books to my collection.
yes, every time i go to a new artsy-architecturey city, i get a book.
i have a lot.
and i like them, a lot.
so maybe i'll make some awesome new art
by myself, or with the little man,
and i'll show you on here

Monday, January 17, 2011

a t.v. post?

who else loves HIMYM?
i'm so lily; dibs.
oh and of course...
season seven, i think is the best thus far.
mer has always been my fave,
but i'm loving lexie and jackson.
i'm obsessed with grey's, this is true.
so true that i'm posting about it on my blog.
stay tuned for germany pictures, tomorrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

lets talk about me...

someone once told me likes to say,
"enough about you, lets talk about me"
[yes, i'm talking to you aunt court]
in a joking matter of course :)
but honestly, i don't have a whole lot to talk about.
oh! it's raining here.
so i've been seeing a few blogs with questionnaires popping up.
my theory: it's a new years resolution thing.
you know, like trying to reevaluate your life, what you believe in, etc., etc.
or maybe you are just kind of bored watching a movie and want to blog but don't have much to blog about.
ok, guilty.
that's me.
here goes.

1. if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
everywhere, obviously. but, i only get one choice...i'll have to say, egypt. hands down.

2. what is your happiest childhood memory?
i had an awesome childhood. great family trips, extra curricular's, the whole shindig. but i think when it comes down to it, my best childhood memories came from growing up on mildred lane. bike riding through the neighborhood to the community center park, playing roller hockey with, i kid you not, like, 12 kids. learning how to skateboard and climb trees, my dads famous front yard swing. leaving the house at 9am, being home by 6pm for dinner. life was good.

3. what song always makes you happy when you hear it?
here comes the sun-the beatles
only the good die young-billy joel
daylight-matt & kim

4. what is your middle name?

5. what music are you listening to right now?
the xx. go listen to them, they rock.

6. who is the funniest person you know?
my dad, hands down. that man knows how to tell a frat story, or six.

7. what is true love?
true love is our souls recognition of its counterpart in another.
name that movie!
nah, really. i think it is understanding of each other, respecting each other, and being able to laugh with each other.

8. Which is a stronger emotion, anger or love?
anger. i think you would regret something more when done in anger, than done in love. so then you are regretful, guilty, or hey, maybe even angrier than before.

9. what is your worst habit?
besides being messy...i don't sleep very often, it's becoming a habit.

10. Name your top ten favorite love songs.
technically not a question, but i wont judge.
-can't help falling in love: elvis presley
-you don't know me: michael buble version
-soul meets body: death cab for cutie
-i'm gonna be (500 miles): the proclaimers
-if i were a carpenter: johnny cash & june carter
-the way you look tonight: frank sinatra
-love lost: temper trap
-something: the beatles
-slow dancing in a burning room: john mayer
-sigh no more: mumford & sons
plus a bajillion more.

11. what is your worst pet peeve?
ok this is going to offend some people, i'm sorry, don't take it personally...
but i hate when people personify their fetus'.
i also can't stand loud mouth noises during kissing and while eating/drinking

12. what is the one food you would never give up?
cheese. preferably mozzarella. yum.

13. what five materialistic things will you never part with?
-fairy doll
-pink elephant
-knit blanket from mama

14. You just found out you are having sextuplets; 3 boys, 3 girls. what will you name them?
*please, please, please don't ever happen* i like zoe, adysen, & emerson+julian, finn, & graham.

15. what are your nicknames?
hay bay
hay bay bay
ahnie-aunt tort how do we spell it?
...the last two are for mama only

16. where would you like to retire?
cannon beach, oregon

17. what are you/did you study[ing] in college?
i want to be a teacher, but i'm deciding between english & biology, or english & art history
or maybe all three?
woah, hey there, over achiever.

18. what do you find to be romantic?
ferris wheels

19. what weird food do you like to snack on?
green olives

20. if you could get paid for doing what you love, what would be the perfect job?
a combination of being crafty all day, designing inside spaces, and reading.
who can hook that up for me?

enjoy the weekend, loves.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

this month...

is flying by...

and still very, very cold.

i'm sorry i haven't given this blog attention lately.
i feel like a parent juggling an infant and a toddler, now with the new photo blog.
photo blog is definitely getting more attention, everyday attention.
and i'm really liking the 365 challenge.
and sticking to it.
i will try to give older sibling blog almost as much attention.
maybe i can make up the lack of posts/pictures with more writing.
yep, okay, that is the new plan.
expect more writing.
i'm loving january.
it's new.
i hope you are enjoying yours too.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

do tell...

the ever so lovely, kelle
is always putting this ever so lovely quote on her blog.
it's been in my mind all day.
so i made a pretty.
i think i may need to have it printed as a poster
so i can see it all the time.

Friday, January 7, 2011


i am so freaking excited to announce...
chicka, chicka, yeah.
i'm participating in a photo challenge,
to start working on my resolution of taking more pictures and getting better at it.
[i hope this helps]

i'm excited
>>>new link on the side bar>>>
you should follow it.
or participate yourself.
but here is a little tasty treat that wont be on the photo blog:

oh, me gusta.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

it's a new year...

and with the new year comes new resolutions.
now, normally i don't stick to these babies, but, this year
i have made them pretty, like so.

i'm a visual person, and if i stare at these hard enough, i'm bound to make them happen.
1. write.
write more, write on the blog, write on paper
2. see.
see more of the world, more of what's around me
3. love.
fall in love with something new, like collage, or biology
4. decide.
where to go for school, and what to study
5. paint.
more, 'nuff said
6. move.
out of mommy and daddy's house, after this german adventure
7. read.
more, more, more
8. knit.
well, learn to knit, that is
9. simplify.
my life, my possessions, my relationships...for the better
10. talk.
to my friends more often, the three i'll always need
11. shoot.
more photos and become a proud owner of a "big" camera
12. grow and appreciate.
who i have become, and where i am going

there are only twelve.
that is one a month to really focus on.
i think i can do it.
i know i can do it.

happy resolution-ing

Monday, January 3, 2011


was beautiful.
my first white christmas.
my mama was here.
my first christmas legally drinking,
a.k.a the first time i didn't question my age.
[actually made me feel old]
a german christmas mixed with some american-ness.

we sipped yummy wine and ate yummy chocolate while little boys played with new toys, and old nativity scenes. we hiked through the snow to oma and opa's to visit with cousins and eat duck. i skipped the whole duck eating thing. we lit sparklers on the tree, and it didn't catch fire. we hugged, we were photographed by a ten year old with a budding love of that nikon.

we gave gifts. we got gifts. we had candles, fires, and shots. we visited a german christmas market, we went trigger happy with cameras and things covered in snow. we trekked through snow again, this time to church with our lanterns to recieve a light from bethlehem. we found icicles on the roof that were over a meter long.

we sang.
we danced.
we played.
we ate, drank, and we loved.
we celebrated.