Sunday, March 25, 2012

on homesickness, a plethora a pictures, and sappiness for your sunday pleasure

i lived in germany for a year. 
there was one time where i found myself homesick for california.
it was right after my mom had gone back from her mini vaction with me in europe.
right after christmas, right before new years eve.
i was homesick for about three days, and that was all.
of course i missed my family, my friends, my little babes at work. 
but i was never actually longing for home.

lately, all of my thoughts are fleeing to germany. i'm missing everything about my time abroad. sights, smells, tastes, travels, stories, moments, but most of all, my people.

i miss summer music festivals featuring small name bands that are now large name bands

rainy day village strolls with my boo

 i miss bikes, oh how i miss bikes

i miss dutch doughnuts 

i miss having my mom in osnabrueck

i miss being in amsterdam with my family

i miss traveling by sled

 i miss being in my favorite city [amsterdam] with my mama

i miss this boy.
a lot, a lot.

i miss legal day drinking with my underage american friend

i miss impromptu bike rides to the park for a picnic lunch with this little man

i miss these kids

ich vermisse berlin!

drunk train rides to amsterdam at seven in the morning
i miss beer
 i miss this outfit

i miss holding this hand

picturesque views all around me

sharing german delights with one broski

basically, what i'm trying to say is,
one. if you got to the end of all of that, congrats.
and two. home is where your heart is.
see, told you.

"i may not have gone where i intended to go, but i think i have ended up where i needed to be."
douglas adams

would i like to to be young and stupid and foolish and move to germany tomorrow travelling around europe with my german, and being around my people and city? yes, yes i would love to do that. but i know the kind of life that i want. and i need to finish school to become a teacher and find a job teaching somewhere in the world. i am suffering form major wanderlust, major homesickness for my german home, and having travel bug issues. but i'm trying to focus on the good of this situation and dream up all of the adventures that will be had when i get to that point in my life. but for now, we'll always have germany.

here's to hoping your sunday is a little more cheerful than my whining.
but i'm not whining, just reminiscing.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

internet friends, turned real life friends

you guys, i just made six new friends.
yesterday morning i had the pleasure of meeting six wonderful ladies over brunch.
they were strangers, we had only talked on the internet.
the only things we had in common [pre-meet up] were our blogs, and the fact that we lived in northern california.

and, as scary as meeting strangers on the internet can be, i assure you that this was not one of those situations.
i picked up ana on my way, and we met up with the other ladies, bailey, meg, alex, tracy, and kimberly, at the tower cafe in midtown.

we talked about anything, and everything. there was no room for silence and awkwardness. topics included our blogs [duh], hobbies, significant others, weddings, babies, food, and travel. oh my goodness, so much travel talk. i think everyone's travel bugs were going crazy [i know mine definitely was!] discussing travel stories, travel tips, living abroad, dream expeditions...anything under the sun. 

 blazer, tank, and necklace courtesy of nordstrom [shocker], jeans via old navy [another huge shocker] and sparkly champagne flats found at payless, satchel from target. 
food coma courtesy of the seasonal french toast. 

we met up at eleven in the morning, and people, let me tell you...i did not get back to my house until five thirty in the evening. that's how much these gals rock.

 ana made these adorable party favors, inside was a yummy red velvet cupcake.

 cute, minus that whole lighting issue.

 self photo bomb. 
self timer was silly.

it was fun.
lots of fun.
so much fun that we are planning another get tasting!

so ladies, thank you! i'm so glad to call each one of you a new friend. 
and readers, go check them out...for reals.