Friday, April 22, 2011

the museum of childhood, edinburgh

i wanted to do a separate post for this because i had a lot of pictures 
[although most are from my phone or without flash]
and also because i found it to be incredibly awesome.
totally nerdy, i know.
i have said it before...but i really love museums. 
i was so excited to go here.

the entrance leads you into a tiny vintage toy shop, and in the back you can catch a glimpse of a small hall lined with glass cases stuffed with toys, pictures, and memorabilia.

at first, it was a bit misleading, thinking it was that small.
but, since it was free, i figured, 'eh...why not?'
but once i realized that it was filled with not one, not two, not three, but four floors of vintage childhood toys and was on.

i loved seeing all of this old stuff.
it reminded me of playing with old toys in my grandmother's home.

all of these were in the main hall and stairwells.
the game board that looks like scrabble, is actually a biblical scripture game, and the 'mappa-muni' may have been my favorite from the 'craft and games' floor. we actually weren't allowed to take photos on that one floor, so those were the only games i got before i was asked to put the camera away...ops.
but i couldn't resist. i love old games and you should have seen all of the vintage puzzles lining the wall.

the next floor was all about dolls.
organized by year and style, my favorites were the dolls from around the world.
shocker, right?

yay for bad quality iphone pictures!

the next floor was definitely my favorite. it housed model trains, cars, carnivals, zoos, palaces, and my favorite thing, doll houses. doll houses are one of those things that i just love, (i know, i have a lot) but really, some of my favorite toys growing up were the wooden doll house i got from santa one christmas (i was very skeptical about how he got the huge thing down the chimney...) & the vintage doll house at my grandma's house. 
i'm only now a "girly-girl" and i wasn't at all when i was younger. i really think that my adoration with these things came from my early obsession with architecture and design. i rearranged my room all the time, but that's another story for another day.
the doll houses.
wow. they were amazing. so elaborate and full of detail.
i was very, very envious.

 doll houses, train yard, and a palace.

model trains + old cars.
so, then the last floor finished up with old tea sets from around the world.
i, of course, managed to only take two 'usable' photos.

so, all in all, this museum has to rank third on my top three.
and now,

people, if you're ever in edinburgh, i'm going to say this is a must see.

Monday, April 18, 2011

photo essay: edinburgh two

a second dose of beautiful edinburgh, scotland

once i had reached the bottom of the royal mile and seen the holyrood palace 
(pictured above) with the gorgeous park, i made my way up another main road towards 'our dynamic earth' and the main campus buildings.

i had wanted to go into the dynamic earth museum since i saw it on the map and in the guidebook.
i was even more excited about the fact that the international science festival was going on while i was in town.
the entrance to the museum was full price, but in the main lobby and in other areas of the museum you could explore science booths and presentations. the place is really focused on geography and earth science, conservation and how humans impact the earth...things that are right up my alley.
i told you i was a nerd.

i ate at the world's end pub.
it was okay, not great, not bad.
i had a glass of wine from santa barbara though, which was yummy.

here's another shot of the queen's gallery at holyrood house + the side of the funky parliment building offices.

i loved exploring all of the little shops:
the cigar box, cadenhead's whiskey, and my favorite one, the vintage and retro used books store.
oh, had i had more money and room in my baggage i could have gone crazy in that store.

i loved the name of this organic grocery store: mama said food!

street artists, bright signs, and mexican folk stores are all the rage.
next up: museum of childhood (tomorrow).

xoxo, hay 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

photo essay: edinburgh one

i have been sifting through photographs for the last two days, reflecting on my amazing trip to scotland as a i ponder each one. the country is amazing, breathtaking, and one of my new favorites. the capital, edinburgh is full of culture and history, and always has something going on. populated by it's many university students, the city always seems to be bustling with activity and life. 
here is the first batch of numerous photos taken the past weekend in edinburgh, scotland.

i loved the 'witchery' sign and these gorgeous handmade leather bound writing journals.

my first day there was really just an evening, seeing as i arrived at the hotel around 4:00 in the afternoon.
however i still enjoyed some time walking about the royal mile, the main street in the old town, before grabbing dinner at a local pub. 
the following day i woke up early, prepared to tackle the royal mile, grass market, and a few museums.

this gorgeous church tower is situated between the old and new town; the tombstone shows one of the many 'hay' families and or clans i came across. and well, you know,'hay'...i needed a picture of course.

at the top of the royal mile is the edinburgh castle, shown above. i chose not to go in, because it was 20.00 pounds entrance, and i knew there were other things i would like to enjoy and explore. however, looking back i regret doing that a bit because i am sure that the views from the top are amazing. shoulda, coulda, i'll know to do it next time.
as i continued my walk down the mile, i was so intrigued with all of the little, authentic shops. of course, there are a ton of touristy 'scotland' shops where you can buy the same things: kilts, whiskey, shortbread, and souvenirs. but, one of my favorite shops was the 'ye old chritmas shoppe', shown above as well. i haad seen this highlighted on the map my dad had sent me, and knew it was a must see. if you don't happen to know my mother, grandmother, or aunt personally, then you don't know that they we love christmas shops.
i was very pleased, and the three of them will be too. 
[souvenir spoiler!]

police information station, iconic red phone booths; one of the many cathedrals situated in edinburgh

 i loved this statue , right outside of one church and it's beautiful cemetery.
also, the quote above, 'their name liveth for evermore' has become a new favorite.
things i love to photograph: ancient cemeteries, giant quotes, and doors.

i'd like to live in this house. please, and thank you. 
and who doesn't love a heart in the middle of your walking path?

red building for mom; part of the before mentioned cemetery

above you can see a glimpse of holyrood park, at the bottom end of the royal mile. the weather was absolutely perfect, i was a bit warm but thankfully there was a nice breeze. the giant hill-like thing in the background is part of a huge set of crags. really like mixing a hill, plateau, and cliff together.
anyway, there were walking paths to the top, and i really wanted to do it. however, i don't think my skinny jeans, flat sandals, and satchel (without and water) would have agreed with me.
when i come back (because i will) i'll be bringing along some running gear to tackle those babies. with water, and camera, of course.

the gates in front of the holyrood house are so intricately designed. i would kill to have a gate like that, maybe of smaller proportion, in front of my home.
again, i decided not to pay to go into the holyrood house, only because it was so glorious out, i didn't want to waste it, and i had other things on my agenda. i don't regret it at all, so it's justified.
but, that's the great thing about solo vacations. you can literally do whatever you want to. there is no one to answer to, no one to consider, no one to agree with. it's nice. just doing your own thing. people, try it, i'm telling you that you will not regret it.

 looking up at a cathedral.

 i have a thing for old clocks.

statue in the castle promenade.

walking down the royal mile.
which is quite steep by the way.

gorgeous view from waverley train station.

'johns', 'hay'...catch my drift?

 again, a view from the bottom part of the royal mile

 stunning architecture.

i'm a sucker for vintage lettering.

again, in the castle promenade.

businesses and homes on a street of the the royal mile.

 i spy the top of the holyrood palace.

i could live in this building.

this is just a first set of photos and collages from the trip.
you can see more, full size photos here on my flickr acount.
i just set it up, and am not sure if i did it the right if not, all you flickr users better let me know :)
make sure to check back tomorrow for the next set of edinburgh photos
i mean...only if you want pressure.

xoxo, hay

Monday, April 11, 2011

last day in scotland

Kate and Wills old dorm...

The castle...

Sunset over the Old Course and beach...

Tomorrow it's home to Osnabrü goal is to have the first photos and posts up by Thursday, so make sure to check back :)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

st. andrews

is quite lovely.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

the royal mile through my iphone

Here's a huge collection of photos from The Royal Mile and the vicinity. Brought to you by hipstamatic and some Korean photo app that has become my new favorite.

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