Tuesday, May 3, 2016

let's start again

i miss this blog.
i miss posts that i deleted out of anger and now are gone.
i miss the connections with others through blogging, especially other travelers.
i could lie and say that it's because i didn't think i was doing anything "blog worthy", but the reality is i didn't like who i was becoming. 
and frankly, i'm beyond glad i didn't document the last few years. 

but, here we are. 
and in talking with friends + family, the ones who love and support you no matter what...and in talking with myself, i'm back.

and who cares if it's not "blog worthy"? 
this is for myself, right? 
creative expression, records and memories.

here's a recap of the monumental things i can remember from the past two years:
-watched my grandmother get sick and die very quickly.
-realized life is s fucking short and there's nothing you can do to slow it down.
-after said epiphany, booked a plane ticket to Germany to let certain people know how much i love them.
-realized i need to live abroad again, start applying for jobs.
-started a business, two actually! photography + art classes. balancing three jobs will drive you crazy.
-best friend gets engaged...planning and celebrating ensue. 
-quit my job teaching preschool. ten years was a long time and i feel like my twenties are almost gone (they weren't that fun, actually) and i still have a lot of the world i want to see.
-reevaluate life choices, a lot.
-best friend gets married last weekend...we'll have lots to blog about.
-decide i'm going to throw together a janky, scattered post about bullshit and throw it onto the internet.