Saturday, May 4, 2013

blogging everyday in may

don't let the title of this post fool you.
in true hayley fashion, i am already behind schedule seeing, as it's may fourth.
but, i think that jenni's idea is pretty awesome, and i'm enjoying following along with other participants.
she has prompted 31 blog posts to be written and posted each day in may, but with my lack of organization and time consuming job and school...i won't make that promise.
instead, i'll try my best to do as much as possible, or maybe just my favorites. 
so, first up: your life story in 250 words or less.

i was born in the morning on the twenty seventh of august, nineteen eighty nine, the first of three children for my parents. over the next ten years we lived in the east bay area, i became the proud big sister of two brothers and spent my picturesque childhood playing basketball, racing in the local pools, and road tripping through california with my family. we moved to a affluent bubble outside of sacramento when i was ten, and my parents split up about a year after. both remarried, my dad had a son, brother numero tres for me, and after i graduated high school i got the taste of europe i needed and decided i must go back. i moved to germany in july of 2010 and spent a year as an au pair, the best of my life really. i met a boy, moved back home, showed him my country, and fell in love. now i'm here, he is there, and soon we'll be here together. i scrapbook like a mad woman, love the san francisco giants, curse like a sailor, and spend my days with small children in my classroom...and usually need a beer afterward.


  1. Yayy - love when I get to read new posts from you! So is Henning moving to San Fran now??

    1. I'm trying...I think I might just need to schedule every minute of every day and add it in there :) and as of moving plans...for now, yes. we are trying to get him here when he finishes his B.S. [in 3-4 semesters] instead of me going there because i have much more school to finish [like 4-5 years]. this point it's just easier. i'm pretty bummed because i want to live in europe again, but we will. just another time!

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