Sunday, April 7, 2013

the boys are back

it's that time of year again, opening week is well under way.
and as i type this my boys just lost 14-3 against the cardinals.
regardless, if you follow me on pinterest or instagram, you know my deep love for the san francisco giants.

especially this man:

if you are anything like me, regardless of your team, you'll probably have/want/need some gear to support your team. 
here are some of my favorite things i have found around the internet that i may need to have for my collection:

baseball tee's from this site

(made by a students mom, and my friend, so cute!)

this print needs to live with me

and of course, the victoria's secret leggings
although, truth be told i am not a fan of this year's vs pink: mlb line. too skanky

i am thrilled to be going to a few games this season, and to watch all of the others with friends, family, and some ice cold beer :)
it gets crazy up in this house during the season.

are you a fanatic too?
which team does your heart belong too, and what will you be sporting this season?

p.s. go giants!


  1. Go Giants!!! I can't believe they lost it so badly! I left when it was still 9-2 :(

  2. i need to learn the game of baseball. I feel so left out whenever there is any game on. all I can remember about the Giants- having to ride the CalTrain to work the day of the finals (or whatever it's called) and the big celebratory parade. These boys have some serious fans!!!

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